Artificial Corals Cleaning Instructions

Our corals are made of a flexible and highly durable urethane rubber material specially designed for underwater applications, primarily in Commercial and Residential Aquariums of any type. The color pigments used are integral and go all the way through the coral. We do not paint anything. They can be cleaned using Dawn soap and water, or regular hydrogen peroxide. Do not ever use straight bleach on them as this will fade the colors and eat away the urethane making the coral unusable.


1What is the cost of this Exquisite Artificial Coral Décor?
Great question! One that can only be answered by the limits of your imagination and creativity. Since each project is unique and customized to our clients needs and specifications. There are no set prices, just estimates, but rest assured our Design Team will work within any budget to ensure that the quality and standard reflects the highest level of craftsmanship.
2What timeline can I expect? Will I grow old waiting?
Another superlative question! In fact you will grow a bit older; that’s just common sense. But the good news is that, unlike other companies who may take up to 16 weeks, we only need 4-6 weeks. With the exception of larger and more complex projects, time may vary a bit, but our on-boarding specialist will manage your expectations during each phase to completion.
3What about shipping?
This one is easy to answer; We offer FREE Shipping for orders over $89. Any orders under that is a flat rate of $10.
4Can I modify my current project? Like add new Coral Inserts or adjust the current project.
Actually it all depends on what Phase your project is currently in? Most Custom Inserts have the flexibility to add and remove Corals but once coated with our finishing product it becomes more difficult. We can accommodate changes to complete product and only prior to shipping date. As for the cost, that will be assessed by our Design Team and subject for approval by client.
5What are Artificial Corals made from?
They are made of a highly durable and nearly unbreakable Polyurethane. The Coral has a UV Inhibitor that will resist fading.
6Have any more questions?
Please phone us toll free 1-888-637-6598 or email us at